Hampstead Residents Testimonials

We can't tell you how great Hampstead is, but our residents can!

Hampstead Montgomery AL Testmonials
First of all, I would like to say this is one of the very best decisions that I have made. The fast pace of life does not provide for much community or neighborhood these days. This community has provided that for me.

There are people walking dogs all the time, kids on bikes, people taking walks, everyone speaks and waves. This feels like a neighborhood ought to feel!! Also, I have the kindest neighbors… I have a neighbor that will walk my dog without being asked, I have had people stop to tell me the light in my car is on and I have come home to cookies at my door.

Having a library, a YMCA, and two restaurants within walking distance has been a pleasant addition. My only regret about the neighborhood… I have not gotten to meet everyone yet!!!
— Christy Holding (Hampstead Resident Since 2016)

We immediately fell in love with Hampstead. Being an Air Force family, we had spent many years in Europe. Living in Hampstead provided our family with the feeling of being there again.

We especially love the walkability, dining and entertainment options, and the social aspect of hanging out on Summer evenings with my neighbors on the sidewalk. We gave up a retirement home in Destin to live in Hampstead, and to this day, we don’t regret the decision one bit! Hampstead has been the perfect fit for our family.
— The Gimlichs, Doug, Tiffany, Daniel and Luke (Hampstead Residents Since 2014)

I have lived in multiple neighborhoods in Montgomery, and the community of Hampstead is by far the best! All of the neighbors look out for one another and fellowship together daily. I don’t know what the best part is… supper clubs, the dog park, the pools, the ability to walk to bars and restaurants, the YMCA, our gardens at the farm… so many wonderful things! It truly is ‘Life Well Lived’.
— Kim Traff (Hampstead Resident Since 2011)

Why? We love knowing our neighbors (whom we find to be loving, entertaining folks). We think living in an energy efficient home is a good thing. We like contributing to the success of New Urbanism. We think that Hampstead is the most beautiful neighborhood in Montgomery. We love living within walking distance of our favorite. We find the extra-wide sidewalks (on both sides of the tree-lined streets, no less) to be the best place in town for an evening stroll under a beautiful sunset.
— The Pedens, David & Meredith & Merritt (Hampstead Residents Since 2011 )

A house is made of walls and beams;
A Hampstead Home is built with love and dreams!
— The Blooms Suzy & Gene (Hampstead Residents Since 2010)

My husband and I knew that this was our new home the second we saw the Barking Lot! We love the progressive concept of Hampstead, sustainable environment, the genius creative thought behind it and the beautiful aesthetic and charm of the neighborhood.
— The Jeans, Andrea & Tom (Hampstead Residents Since 2009)