Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company

Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company (DPZ) is a world leader in the practice and direction of urban planning, having designed over 300 new and existing communities worldwide including Seaside, Kentlands, Rosemary Beach and many more. DPZ is the Town Planner of Hampstead, as well as the architect of many residential plans used in the community. Andrés Duany, as DPZ Project Manager of Hampstead, is guiding our growth with his vision and experience.

Town Architect

Gary Justiss

Gary Justiss is a principal architect at Hampstead. After designing the signature Town Center buildings, Gary created house plans ranging in size from unique cottages to luxurious custom homes at Hampstead. Nationally known for his work on several New Urbanist projects throughout the United States, South America, and the Caribbean including Hampstead, Alys Beach and Rosemary Beach, Gary is experienced in residential, commercial, and civic building design.


Community Non-profit

The Hampstead Institute

The Hampstead Institute believes in crafting lasting places where people can live, grow, and learn. A community-based 501(c)3 non-profit founded in 2008, we promote building community through design, education, and wellness for all ages, using Hampstead as a focus for study and innovation. We operate the Hampstead Farm, interact with local schools, charities and non-profits, and organize events to grow community.


The Colonial Company

Founded in 1956, The Colonial Company is a private, diversified holding company focused principally on real estate development. Headquartered in Montgomery, The Colonial Company has been a community leader in supporting the city's economic, philanthropic, and cultural growth for over 60 years. For The Colonial Company, Hampstead represents a new focus on traditional planning principles and sustainable development.

home builder & general contractor

Mercer Home

Mercer Home creates innovative, custom homes for all ages and lifestyles. Mercer Home puts its focus on creating "forever homes" of long-term value in Hampstead.  Utilizing the highest quality materials and best craftsmen, it strives to create homes to be enjoyed for generations including Alabama's first Southern Living Inspired Home.



The Hampstead ARC


The Hampstead Architectural Review Committee oversees the design of all new buildings, as well as alterations to existing buildings, landscaping, and community features. Working with the Town Architect and Andrés Duany, the ARC is comprised of architects and practitioners experienced in design and traditional construction methods. The role of the ARC is to continue and protect the design criteria and value of Hampstead.

Directors of design & development

Anna Lowder & Harvi Sahota

Harvi Sahota and Anna Lowder are town founders of Hampstead, and lead the planning, design, construction, marketing, and placemaking of the community. With over 13 years of New Urbanist development experience, Hampstead is the culmination of their effort in "Building Community Through Design." They are the principals of Matter Design Co., a multi-disciplinary design firm, and of Mercer Home, Hampstead's largest new home builder.


Lowder New Homes

Founded over fifty years ago on the principle of providing quality homes to customers, Lowder New Homes is known for its commitment to reliability, outstanding customer service, and experience in creating a range of choices suited to the lifestyles of its customers. Lowder New Homes builds homes in Hampstead and a range of other neighborhoods in the Montgomery area.

town center commercial leasing

Colonial Commercial Realty

Colonial Commercial Realty, Inc. is a client-focused real estate asset management company that understands the path is equally as important as the outcome. Professional service delivers timely communications and optimum outcomes with our value-add and preventative approach. CCR manages and handles leasing for much of the commercial space at Hampstead.