The Hampstead lifestyle is an essential component in creating successful businesses. The beauty of the community attracts customers and clients, while the variety of businesses forms a complete environment in which guests, employees, and entrepreneurs can thrive.
— Anna Lowder, Director of Design & Development

Located on Taylor Road, our Town Center is the heart of activity at Hampstead. Just one mile from the Vaughn Road intersection, one of Montgomery's most active commercial areas, our local restaurants, shops, small businesses and park spaces create an exciting, beautiful place to spend time.

Currently home to over 600 residents, 300 Montgomerians who work at Hampstead, and hundreds of daily visitors, the local businesses such as The Tipping Point, the YMCA Y's Up gym, City Grill, Montessori School at Hampstead, Taste, and the Hampstead Branch Public Library offer great ways to spend a morning or evening.

We're always looking for new businesses interested in locating to Hampstead. If you have an existing shop, restaurant, or business, or are interested in leasing or owning space for a new business, call 334 270 6700 for further commercial information and to find out how Hampstead can enhance your business.