We're Growing Out Here!

Hampstead Farm is an all-natural farm located at the heart of the neighborhood. A working farm that also offers resident community beds and educational opportunities, Hampstead Farm is operated through The Hampstead Institute, a non-profit 501(c)3 focused on education, healthy food initiatives, and building community through design.

We work with other community organizations, small independent businesses, and non-profits to promote local food and the appreciation for it - through community events, availability of produce, learning experiences and more. All of this is embedded in the neighborhood and the culture of Hampstead.

Our farm features a working barn, production planting beds, community garden beds, school learning beds, and event space. The farm supplies local restaurants like The Tipping Point, City Grill and others with seasonal produce. 

Hampstead is leading the way in national community building with Agricultural Urbanism as a mandatory component in sustainable community design. We believe the benefits of local agriculture are critical to sustainable, healthy communities.

Hampstead Farm Red Barn, Hampstead Institute
Renderings of future concept building at Hampstead Farm

Renderings of future concept building at Hampstead Farm