“There is an Unrivaled Level of Craft and Consideration in Every Aspect of This Place.”

"From Boston to Savannah to Paris, the cities people consider "favorite places" all have one central characteristic: each was built using traditional planning techniques. Walkable neighborhoods, a connected street network, a mixture of uses including shops, work places, churches & schools, and a variety of living options offering something for everyone. Combined in a town plan, these individual pieces create a community with a true sense of place - just like at Hampstead.

The architecture at Hampstead is another feature visitors and residents find appealing. We created a team of the country's top planners & architects to design homes, town center buildings, and civic spaces for Hampstead. The inspiration draws from precedents found in historic areas of Montgomery, combined with the English influence of Voysey, Lutyens and Mackintosh. The result is exceptional architecture that is both detailed and affordable.

There is an unrivaled level of craft and consideration in every aspect of this place. Residents may not know we designed a street with a specific width and tree shade for the ideal pedestrian experience, they just know it feels right when they walk to the coffee shop. Visitors may enjoy sitting by the fountain in the town square, but not know we designed the fountain as the terminating vista from three critical angles. This is not a place of cul-de-sacs and closed doors. This is a place built for generations to come. Everyone who has worked on Hampstead - from our town planners to our brick masons - feels a sense of pride and personal connection to this place. Instinctively, people can feel the difference - the level of commitment - here at Hampstead.

Join us as we continue to grow as a community based on happiness, health, and innovation. Come see the life at Hampstead."

Harvi Sahota & Anna Lowder
Hampstead Co-Founders, Directors of Design & Development

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