Any alteration to the exterior of a Residential, Commercial or Civic Building must be submitted in writing to the Hampstead Architectural Review Committee PRIOR to any work commencing. This includes all Landscaping changes which are visible from any street. The submittal requires a completed form and all necessary details including plans, dimensioned drawings, photographs, and materials.

Changes must have approval by the Hampstead ARC to ensure the property remains in compliance with the community rules, regulations, and design covenants in place. This includes repainting, re-roofing, and other repairs or changes to an exterior. The ARC will give written approval to alterations that meet its guidelines. 

The Hampstead HOA has oversight over furnishings and fixtures visible from any street, including outdoor furniture, flags, lighting, umbrellas and others as outlined in the Hampstead Design Standards. Please contact the Hampstead HOA with questions or to submit an ARC Application by email to


Hampstead ARC Alteration Submittals

There are 2 types of Submittals to the ARC: 

1. Submittal which is In Compliance with the Hampstead Design Code and Montgomery's SmartCode zoning, or 

2. Submittal which is In Deviation from the Hampstead Design Code or a Change to the approved Hampstead SmartCode Zoning plan. 

It is extremely rare that the ARC approves a submittal that Deviates.

Each submittal for review by the Hampstead ARC requires this Completed ARC Form. A $200 review fee will be charged for any submittal which is in Deviation to cover time, administrative costs, and expenses of the Review Committee. This is a non-refundable, mandatory fee that must be paid when the Submittal is made. It is extremely rare that the ARC approves a submittal that Deviates.

ARC Review Process

Step 1: Alteration Submittal

Property owner shall submit a dimensioned illustration showing the proposed change to the structure or landscaping. All necessary information shall be included in the submittal, including but not limited to: photographs, exterior materials list (Selections Sheet), paint colors, window style, plant types, timeframe, etc. This should be accompanied by the Completed ARC Form (download here).

Step 2: ARC Review

The committee will convene to review a submittal.  Both city zoning and community design codes will be reviewed for compliance. The ARC will put its response in writing and email to the owner. Responses may include: approval, request for more information, required alterations to the submittal, or denial of request. 

Step 3: Re-submittal of Request

Owners can resubmit for proposals which have been rejected if changes have been made to the original request making the submittal more in keeping with city zoning or community design codes. Final say is determined by the Hampstead ARC as set forth in the Hampstead Homeowners' Association Documents which all owners receive at home closing. Any re-submittals require an additional review fee of $200.

Email here for information on the Hampstead Residential Architectural Review Process or the Hampstead Commercial Design Process for those interested in retail, office, or other commercial buildings.